Minnesota Lease Policies and Regulations

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  2. General Policies
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General Terms of the Program

Lease Exclusivity

Lessee has exclusive year round access. Lessees are encouraged to work cooperatively with adjacent landowners and others who may be interested in using the property for other activities such as berry picking, or hiking.

Primary wood roads that access adjacent government properties must remain open for public travel. Potlatch Corporation and Subsidiaries (Potlatch Minnesota Timberlands, LLC; Potlatch Lake States Timberlands, LLC; Potlatch TRS Minnesota, LLC) ("Potlatch") determines which roads must remain open.

Lease Sizes

No minimum or maximum lease size exists; however, there will be a minimum fee of $400 to offset administrative costs for the lease. Potlatch will determine the size of the tract to be leased, depending on property boundaries, roads, streams and rivers, rights-of-way, etc. We encourage neighboring landowners, hunting camps, and others to work together as one group to apply for a larger piece of Potlatch property. You can then decide amongst the group (and include it in your Camp Rules) the guidelines for who hunts different parts of the property and other similar questions.

Lease Term

Leases are annual, beginning May 1 and ending April 30. For those leases awarded during the summer or fall, lease term is from date of payment until April 30 of the following year, with full payment required regardless of when the lease is awarded (i.e., lease prices are not prorated if the 1st year of the lease is not a full 12 months).

  • Payments will be made via the Internet by credit card.

  • Payments made through the mail or in person will be charged a $100 administrative fee. Payments made through mail or in person must be made by money order or cashiers check payable to Potlatch Corporation. Personal checks will not be accepted.

  • Renewal notices will be sent out in early March with payment due prior to April 15.

  • A late fee of $100 will be assessed for payments made after the due date.

  • Lease prices will be reviewed every year.

  • Without cause - The lease may be cancelled with 60 days written notice by either party. The lease will be prorated if cancelled by Potlatch without cause. The lease will not be prorated if cancelled by Lessee for any reason.

  • With cause - The lease may be cancelled by Potlatch immediately upon notice to Lessee, or by Potlatch with cause. Cause is defined as violation of the terms of the lease agreement or lease policies and regulations.


Fines may be levied against lessees for violation of lease terms. Lease fines may range from $100 to the cost of the lease, depending on the severity of the violation.


A map of the leased land will be provided by Potlatch by the lessee clicking on My Lease Account on the homepage.


Potlatch shall procure a blanket liability insurance policy covering Potlatch and the Lessee. The insurance fee will be included in the lease price.


Hunting camps are encouraged, but not required, to incorporate (Minnesota Secretary of State Nonprofit Corporations, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits "How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in Minnesota"). However, hunting camps will be required to submit their camp rules to Potlatch. Sample Camp Rules

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General Policies


Safety is the highest priority. The Lessee and all members and guests are expected to conduct all activities with safety in mind. Camp members are encouraged to attend a hunter safety course.

Good Neighbor Relations

Respect the rights of neighboring landowners and hunters. Lessee shall not place stands within 50 feet of a private property line, unless holding written permission from the adjacent landowner to hunt the property. The Lessee shall attempt to settle all disputes with neighboring landowners and hunters before the issue is brought to the attention of the Potlatch Lease Manager.

Communication with Potlatch

The Lessee's President (as identified in the Camp Rules) is the camp's representative. All communications between Potlatch and Lessee should be made through the president and the Potlatch Lease Manager.

Recognizing Potlatch's ownership

The Lessee shall recognize that Potlatch owns land for the purpose of a natural resource business that includes growing, managing, and harvesting forest products. Potlatch also reserves the right to sell the property at any time. Hunting on Potlatch property is a privilege. A hunting lease only grants the Lessee rights for hunting and other outdoor recreational activities. This would not include activities such as horse pasturing. The Lessee may not enter the property for any other purpose, and shall not interfere with Potlatch management of the property.

Ethics and responsibility

Every member of a hunting camp is an ambassador for the sport of hunting. The future of hunting depends on how each hunter behaves in the field, and how they present themselves in public. Consider how your actions reflect on yourself, your group, and hunting in general.

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Lease Regulations

Lessees and their members and guests agree to the following:
  1. To provide Potlatch the following information:

    • Copy of Camp Rules, Sample Camp Rules , All camps must submit camp rules to Potlatch.

    • Current list of all officers, agents, and members prior to lease including:

      • Name

      • Address

      • Driver's License Number (information will be used to check for game and trespass violations)

      • Date of Birth

      • Phone

      • Email

  2. To enter the property at their own risk. Lessee shall hold Potlatch free and harmless from any and all claims.

  3. To review terms of the lease with members and guests.

  4. To not damage or destroy any trees, crops, buildings, fences, roads, or other improvements located on the property, and to use every precaution to protect wildlife, timber, trees, forest products and Potlatch property from poaching, theft, fire, or other damage. Lessee agrees to repair any damage it causes and to return the land and property to the landowner in its prior condition at Lessee's expense.

  5. To not feed deer.

  6. To not cut growing timber for shooting lanes or firewood.

  7. To recognize that Potlatch reserves the right to sell or exchange the leased property at any time. In such event the lease will automatically terminate and Potlatch will refund a pro-rata amount of lease payments paid for the period of the lease subject to cancellation. Refund terms are detailed in the Lease Agreement available on My Lease Account. When a tract of land will be listed for sale, the leaseholder will be notified of the listing and in some cases, pending sale. When the notification is of a listing, it is not a first right of refusal to buy the property, but simply a notification that it will be for sale so that the leaseholder can pursue a purchase if interested.

  8. Absolutely no permanent structures are to be developed on the lease (e.g., roads, ATV trails, wells, buildings, sheds, shacks, outhouses, etc.). A designated campsite will be identified, however, by Potlatch for placement of tents, wall tents, campers, etc. Camping is allowed year around but all equipment must be removed after each visit from January 1 through July 31. Temporary camping structures can be placed on the property after August 1, but must be removed before December 31. Potlatch will not be responsible for damages to temporary structures or inconveniences to lessees due to our normal natural resource business activities.

    Potlatch does not guarantee a camping spot on every lease tract. Because of weather conditions and the nature of some roads, camping may not be possible on every lease tract.

  9. Subleasing, commercial hunting, or selling of hunting rights is not allowed.

  10. To not litter or dispose of trash of any kind on the leased premises.

  11. Gates will be allowed on a site-specific basis only, following lessee application and approval from the Lease Manager. Gates will be built to Potlatch specifications at the lessee's cost. A multiple lock system will allow continuous company access.

  12. To strictly comply with all laws, rules and regulations, but not limited to hunting, fishing, and game laws. Potlatch may require the expulsion of any member of the hunting group convicted of a law violation. Repeated violations by hunting camp members will result in cancellation of the lease.

  13. To not release or stock any species of animal not sanctioned by state law and without Potlatch's permission.

  14. To report any instances of law violations, violations of company policy, road problems, theft, damage, poaching and fire on the lease to the Lease Manager.

  15. Preventing trespass is the lessee's responsibility. Potlatch will have no obligation to prevent trespass, although we will provide "No Trespassing" signs for a nominal fee. Lessee may post the premises against trespass in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota to the extent of the rights granted by the lease. Only Potlatch "No Trespassing" signs may be used for posting leases. Lessee will be responsible for informing other parties of its exclusive access to the property.

  16. No stands will be nailed or stapled to any standing timber. Portable deer stands are encouraged. Freestanding stands are allowed but may be no larger than 4 feet by 6 feet, one level, and no higher than 16 feet.

  17. Stands shall not be placed within 50 feet of a private property line without permission from the adjoining private landowner. No nails, spikes, wire, or other metal shall be used to attach anything to any tree. Posted signs erected by Lessee should be attached to sign posts. No nailing or fastening signs to trees is allowed.

  18. To restrict the use of all vehicles (including ATVs) to existing established woods roads. Vehicular traffic outside of hunting seasons shall be minimized and no road shall be abused at any time. All gates are to be left as originally found. Company roads will be maintained as time and opportunity permit. Roads may remain impassable for long periods of time without repair due to company activities. Potlatch is not responsible for repair or maintenance of roads.

  19. ATVs are allowed on Potlatch leases, but only on existing roads. Building new ATV trails, abusing existing roads, or driving off roads causes erosion and damages the land, and will not be tolerated by Potlatch. ATV users should abide by the laws of Minnesota with regards to the use of ATV's. During the firearm deer season ATV's can only be used before and after legal shooting hours, and from 11AM to 2PM on Potlatch land.

    Access to leases through public land is continually changing and the MN DNR and many counties are in the process of reviewing ATV use on their lands. Be aware that new public agency policies may affect ATV use near and adjacent to Potlatch leases.

  20. Potlatch maintains the right to exclude from the lands any person, whether the Lessee's member or guest, for conduct which, in Potlatch's opinion, is in violation of the terms of the lease.

  21. At no time and under no circumstances will Potlatch employees or others with company authorization be denied access to the lease while on company business.

  22. At any time of the year, it may become necessary for Potlatch to conduct activities including, but not limited to, road building, logging, site preparation, or tree planting on the leased property. Potlatch will not be responsible for damages to temporary structures or inconveniences to lessees due to these activities.

  23. Potlatch reserves the right to curtail or suspend all hunting on the property due to fire danger or if necessary to conduct its management activities. Lessee will cease all activities until Potlatch notifies Lessee that its activities may resume.

  24. To remove any equipment or personal property owned by Lessee within 15 days of the expiration or cancellation of the lease. After 15 days, Potlatch will take ownership of any property or equipment remaining on the land.

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